Essential for any would be traveller, the Cloak iPad Stand

A lot of the time I found myself just sitting and playing on my ipad. I have found that this can give me neck ache so I decided to invest in a stand. That is when I found the Cloak iPad Stand.

Cloak iPad Stand Description

Stand your iPad with style with the Cloak iPad Stand! No more propping your precious gadget up against the nearest thing to hand and running the risk it will get damaged, the Cloak iPad Stand is sturdy and will protect your iPad. It also doubles up as a case so you can transport your iPad without worrying about it. The Cloak iPad Stand is made from non-slip rubber with durable plastic on the hinge mechanisms so will make sure your iPad is safe and sound.

The Cloak iPad Stand can be positioned to fit your iPad in portrait, landscape and typing stand positions and it is really simple to adjust. To view your iPad in the portrait position simply flip out the support brace. To view it in landscape or for typing just fold on the cover and click at your preferred angle.

With the stylish black design your iPad can stay as pristine as the day you bought it with the Cloak iPad Case.


  • Height – 21cm
  • Width – 27cm
  • Depth – 5cm


Cloak iPad Case